Business Innovation Workshops Series

Business Idea Assessment Workshop

The Business Idea Assessment Workshop is for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to assess and further develop their ideas.
During the workshop participants learn how to use the Business Model Canvas, an effective tool to get an idea as to what is needed in your business.
Participants also receive detailed feedback on their ideas from a NBII facilitator as well as the other participants.
How to participate?

Business Idea Creation Workshop

This workshop supports out of the box thinking which enables you to solve problems in a creative manner. Through the workshop, NBII aims to spark interest about innovation and entrepreneurship.

In the workshop, aspiring entrepreneurs learn how to create and asses new and useful ideas. Participants who have ideas or a business are taught techniques on how to improve their existing idea.

Participants also get an opportunity to enter the NBII BootCamp. The BootCamp is a dedicated business start-up training to guide prospective entrepreneurs in crafting their ideas into business plans.

How to participate?