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Epata Traditional Cuisine (Willem Thomas)
  atsas [at] iway [dot] na

Being passionate about the Namibia heritage in general and traditional Namibian dishes in particular, Willem Thomas founded the Etapa Restaurant. After having run a Braai delivery business on his own, Mr. Willem will now open up a restaurant in the city center of Windhoek serving traditional cuisine in a modern setting. With his passion for Namibian food as well as with his entrepreneurial spirit he will make Namibian traditions a part of the everyday life of Windhoek’s businessmen and women once again as well as introduce it to tourists. And Windhoek is just the beginning…

Kalahari Essentials (Martin Tjituka and Ngurimuje Mieze)
  mtjituka [at] hotmail [dot] com

The dynamic duo of Martin Tjituka and Ngurimuje Mieze combines the diverse knowledge of and experience in fields such as psychology, media studies and farming. They have made it their mission to share their wisdom and to educate the youth as well as to provide farmers with advice and equipment. They aim to also provide more secluded areas of Namibia with products ranging from food to spare parts. Furthermore, by challenging each other as well as others every day they contribute to the development and dissemination of knowledge in Namibia.

Kalahari Essentials