Innovation Circle

This platform is for speakers who have achieved something considerable within their careers or the business environment. Their talks focus on innovation and creativity. The session is then followed by a question and answer section which usually takes place in a comfortable and interesting surrounding.

Each talk is then summarised and published on the website.

How to participate?

What is the Entrepreneurs Circle (EC)?

The Entrepreneurs Circle brings together entrepreneurs to discuss common issues in starting and running a new business. You can learn from business experts and their exciting success stories and get involved in open discussions about different business-related topics with each other and internal as well as external experts. Topics of past Entrepreneur Circles included amongst others: how to register your business, how to register a patent, business financing and tender board procedures. Do you have an issue burning in your mind that you think is worth talking about in the Entrepreneurs Circle that has not been tackled yet? Don’t hesitate to let us know and we will see what we can do about it!

To inform yourself about the next Entrepreneurs Circle, please keep an eye on our upcoming events section on the “home” page.